2003 Tracks

2003 was a year where I took a new full time job, which really grabbed a big chunk of my mental bandwidth, so it wasn't a good year for finishing a bunch of tracks. What I have done that I've liked is here. Most of these pieces have not really been finished, or have gone on to be repurposed elsewhere, so this is a collection of raw snapshots.


A sort of hip hop track that I cranked out in an evening while I was playing with string orchestra patches in Kontakt, with orchestral loops from a sample CD. In the end it's more soundtracky than something an MC would flow over.


A track from the upcoming Tack Fu CD. This is how we do it in Iowa City: Tack found the drum loop and piano sample and laced it up in Acid. Paine from ProtostarR added the rezzy synth line. We mixed it to two track in my studio, and Tack took it to the Bad Fathers crib, where Justin aka Cousin wrote and recorded the vocal. It came back to my studio for mixing and mastering.


My son Lucas is fifteen and has taught himself guitar. I heard him doing the i sound that opens this track in his room, and dragged him down to record it to a beat. I added some percussion and sound effects, and played the bassline in live. Bass and guitar were both done with his Peavey tube amp, recorded with a $100 Chinese large diaphragm condensor mic thru and ART Tube MP preamp. Eventually this will have vocals added by Carissa from ProtostarR.


This is some saxaphone and percussion sounds fed through the Reaktor blackdirt ensemble. It's basically a pisstake but I like it.


Adding some percussion to a free-floating improvisation using the Reaktor Ginger Ensemble. You can hear just Ginger in action here. More 'experimental' than most of the stuff here, whatever that means.


A beat I put together to throw down in a set I did with Tack where he played beats and I noodled on the guitar. Tack has his own version of this which may go on the tack/monks CD.


A techno banger of sorts. I've played this out a few times and people seem to like it. The saxaphone is all single notes cut from loops. I think there's some sequenced percussion in there somewhere, but it's mostly messed up loops.


This is a track I did for my brother's movie The Pink House where the idea was to 'remix' some of the soundtrack music as a bangin club track. I sweat bullets over this one; 20's jazz and house music swing in largely incompatible ways. I think I cut a 20 second edit of this that will be in the actual movie.


This bit of melody came into my head one night and I thought it would be a great hip hop track. I had to call my mom and hum it in order to find out what it was. This version is super rough -- the record I bit was really wander-y tempo-wise and I've only lined things up approximately. It's based on the opening of Beethoven's 7th Symphony, second movement. The countermelody is a cello sample I cut and pitched in Acid, and needs to be squared up a bit more.

Cornwarning 2002 Mix

This I put together in July 2002 and it comprises tracks released on Cornwarning on Vinyl, and new tracks by me and other cornwarning artists. It's a big ass file because it's over an hour long, but if you have broadband you can stream it. This is pretty much dance music -- house, techno, whatever it is. I'd say my heart is in Detroit when it comes to this sort of music, but that can mean a lot of things. This mix is all over the place genre-wise, but I think it all fits together.